Headshot Session - Youth - 2020


INDIVIDUAL HEADSHOT SESSION: Sessions are approximate 60-90 minutes in length. Cost: $300.  This includes 3 final edited images, in high resolution, web ready resolution and in a border with the client's name on it, ready for printing for auditions, if needed.  **SEPT SPECIAL** Book a headshot session for this month and get one free additional image.

PAYMENT: A 50% retainer fee ($150) is required to hold and book the chosen date for you. This blocks out the time and date for you and TSP will not book any other work during that time.  The balance ($150) is due at the time of the session. The session is not booked until payment is received. If this form and payment is not received within 48 hours of it being sent by TSP, that time and date will once again be available on Time Stops Photography's calendar for another client to book.  

PREPARATION: Please arrive ready to be photographed, with hair and make-up (if applicable) completed.  Bring any make-up, brushes, bobby pins, lip gloss, hair spray you may need for touch ups during your session.  Clothes should be ironed and hung up.  Consider bringing a lint roller as well. Also, be sure that any undergarments worn under your clothes are not visible. You may change clothes and looks as many times as you like, within the allotted time frame.  Referrals for hair and make up artists (HMUA) can be provided upon request.  Those fees are separate from Time Stops Photography and should be booked directly with the HMUA.

PRODUCTS/DELIVERY: This session comes with 3 final high resolution digital files, chosen by the client, from a password protected gallery.  Additional digital files may be purchased for $40.00 each Or 3 for $100 and will be invoiced via Stripe.  Final edited images will be delivered via WeTransfer approximately 5-7 days after final choices are sent to Time Stops Photography.  You will also receive all of the images from your gallery, in low res and unedited and watermarked, for a record of your session, should you need additional files in the future.   Client will be able to download the files directly to his/her computer via an easy download link. It is the client's responsibility to download the images right away and back them up. The transfer link expires after 7 days.  A reload fee may be incurred if images are not downloaded within that time frame.  Time Stops Photography generally keeps images for a time period of six months after the session but does not guarantee the images will be available again once they have been delivered.  

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULES: Retainer fees are non-refundable. However, if the client has an emergency, falls ill or  there is inclement weather and cannot make it to their session, the retainer fee is valid for a time period of 9 months.  If the session is not rescheduled within that time frame, a new retainer may be required and the current pricing for TSP will apply.  If the photographer must cancel and is not able to reschedule, all session fees will be returned. 

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: No one besides the photographer may take any photos or video at the session with a personal camera phone or or regular film/digital camera, unless specifically discussed with the photographer.  Behind the scenes images that include both the subject and the photographer are permitted.

RESHOOT POLICY: The need for a reshoot will be determined solely by Time Stops Photography.  Reshoots, at no cost, may happen due to technical issues with the camera or the images.  Headshots will not be redone due to client's choices of clothing, hair style, make-up or other personal issues outside the control of the photographer.

ARTISTIC RIGHTS: Time Stops Photography retains the sole right in descretion for choosing the images to be shown to the client. The best of the best images from what is captured will be shown untouched and unedited in the initial gallery.  Once the final choices are made by the client, those images will be retouched and edited as needed, with basic adjustments. Any extensive editing requests may incur an additional charge.

CLIENT’S USAGE: Client is obtaining digital files for personal use only and will receive a release with usage parameters outlined with the delivery of final images.  Digital files may not be sold to any third parties, submitted to any photo contests or used commercially for business unrelated to one's personal career. 

COVID19: If the client or photographer is presenting with any symptoms of illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc) prior to the session, the session MUST be rescheduled.  The photographer will wear a mask throughout the duration of the session and will maintain a distance of at least 6 feet at all times. The client may also bring their own mask to wear during the times when photographs are not being taken. Please bring hand sanitizer or hand wipes for yourself to use throughout the session. Photographs will only be taken outdoors.   

INDEMNIFICATION & LIABILITY: Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Photographer and its affiliates, employees, agents and independent contractors for any injury, property damage, liability, claim or other cause of action arising out of or related to services provided to the Client by Time Stops Photography.

COPYRIGHT:All images are copyrighted to and remain the property of Time Stops Photography. Client understand that images may be used to promote TSP on the web and in social media, unless otherwise indicated that the client would prefer images to not be used by TSP for marketing purposes.



The Client gives Time Stops Photography permission with respect to photograph the minor described herein.  Client hereby certifies that Client is the [parent/legal guardian] of the minor who is subject to the foregoing release. Client certifies that they are acting both individually and on behalf of said minor, Client consents to the execution of the foregoing Release by said minor and the grant of rights made therein. The Client warrants that they are the parent or legal guardian of the minor and have full right and authority to grant this consent on behalf of such minor.

Client authorizes Time Stops Photography, and/or any assignees and licensees, to use and to create images, and any reproduction of them in any form in any media whatsoever, for promotional materials, online marketing, portfolio, and other areas of marketability.  Client acknowledges that there will be no compensation, either now or at any time in the future, for any use of marketing and that the Photographer of such photos exclusively owns all rights.  Client acknowledges and agrees that the Photographer may modify, change, or alter such images without restriction, unless outlined specifically in this Agreement.

Client acknowledges and agrees that the photographs created by Time Stops Photography will become and remain the exclusive property of Time Stops Photography and that the Client retains no rights to said photographs with the exception of usage rights granted in the release delivered with the final images. Client waives all rights and claims and releases the Photographer from any claims or cause of action, whether now known or unknown, relating to the sale, display, license or use of the photos. 

Client gives permission for all images from the session to be used in the following ways: 

  • Printed promotional materials 
  • Printed portfolio samples
  • Online use (including but not limited to social media accounts, website and blog display)
  • Other areas of marketability by the Photographer

Sub Total

  • Select

Your headshot session!

Thank you for booking a headshot session with me!  Please make sure to review the items to prepare and bring with you before your session. 

If you have an questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 630.235.2879.

I look forward to having you in front of my lens!


 Bari Baskin

Time Stops Photography


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